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Critical Study on Ahara with Special Reference to Geriatrics

Mangalagowri V. Rao


In the ancient era the people had a long and healthy life because of their healthy food habits and lifestyle. Jara or old age is one among the natural diseases as per Acharya Sushruta. Jara or old age may be Kalakrita (due to the effect of time) or Akalakrita (Premature due to aggravation of Dosha or by nature). Acharya Sharangadhara mentions about the gradual decrease of childhood, growth, lustre, memory, skin texture, vision, shukra (sperm/ovum), courage, intelligence, strength of motor organs cheta (liveliness) and life in successive decades of life. Vata predominance in old age is the cause for depletion of Dhatus. Further influence of Vata leads to Vishamagni which in turn effects the proper digestion and assimilation of Ahara rasa. Annarasa nourishes body just for sustenance of life but not for the excellence of Dhatus. Pachakagni is leader of Agnis; it is responsible for increase or decrease of Dhatus, so it has to be maintained properly by proper intake of food so that longevity and strength are enhanced. Presently world is drowning in fierce Tsunami of chronic disorders making the life miserable even at an early age, further result in poor quality of life in old age and increasing burden on the society. Daily intake of conducive food like Shashtika (variety of rice), Shali (variety of rice), Mudga (green gram), rock salt (Saindhava lavana), Indian gooseberry (Amalaka), Barley (Yava), rain water (Antariksha jala), milk (Payas), ghee (Sarpi), meat soup of terrestrial animals (Jangala mamsa rasa), honey (Madhu) and regular exercise are essential to prevent diseases. These create a balance of energy, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins, and mineral requirements and also have antioxidant properties which help in preventing many diseases.

Keywords: geriatrics, jara, ahara

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