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Designing and Validation of Ojo Kshaya Scale

Ravi Bhatt, Shivprasad Chiplunkar, Gopinadha Raju, Suhaskumar Shetty


Ojas(essence of seven tissues)is an important life sustaining factor helping in the maintenance of life. Ojas gets vitiated because of various factors including Madya (alcohol). Madya has properties opposite to Ojas. The drastic increase in the rate of consumption of alcohol is associated with various ill effects on human beings. The research was undertaken to validate a scale to assess the Ojo Kshaya (depletion).Interview and clinical examination method was involved in the study. Alcoholic patients were screened using AUDIT Scale and 440 patients aged between 21 and 60 years who had problem drinking were included in the study. Prepared Ojo Kshaya Scale was validated by content, face and construct validation, reliability and factor analysis. The study was conducted through interviews and examination. Designed scale was subjected to internal consistency using Cronbach’s alpha (0.711). Maximum number of patients were male of age group 31–40 years with agriculture and business as occupation.

Keywords: Ojas, Madhya, Atipita, Ojo Kshaya scale, alcohol, problem drinking

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