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Effects of Trayodashang Guggulu and Janu Basti in Janu Sandhigata Vata

Amruta Deshpande, M. Prasad, M. S. Meena


Human body is composed of seven dhatus. The fifth one is asthi dhatu sequentially. Whole body resides on asthi dhatu. Vata is situated in asthi as ashraya-ashrayi (interrelated) bhava. Vitiation of vata and kapha dosha in joints produces sandhigatavata. It is an abnormal stage. It is a degenerative disorder in which degeneration of asthi dhatu in the joints occurs normally in the fourth or fifth decade. The treatment comprises of unctuous and tissue regenerating treatment. The present clinical study was conducted in the institute with sample size of 45 selected patients. The study was divided into three groups. Group A was treated with trayodashang guggul, group B treated with only janu basti and group C treated with both oral drug and janu basti. Medicine is provided to patients trayodashang guggul (1 g BD) with anupana as koshna jala and dashmoola taila janu basti for 15 days duration. Results showed that merely oral drug was not enough but a combination of trayodashang guggul and janu basti produced significant improvement.

Keywords: Trayodashang guggul, janu basti, sandhigata vata

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