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Doctrine of Signature - A key in Discovering the Therapeutical Effect of Zornia gibbosa Span

Bipin Vithal Sawant


Abstract According to Doctrine of signatures the herbs that resemble various parts of the body can be used to treat ailments of that part of the body. The theme of natural objects' shapes having significance is very old and can be correlated with “Purushoayam Lokasammitah” (man is epitome of universe) of Ayurveda. In Shatpat Bhrahman, a reference regarding functional correlation of various parts of the trees to that of human organ also supports the above philosophy. Inspired by this, folklore practitioner of Udupi district of Karnataka has made a successful effort to utilize a commonly available drugs Zornia gibbosa in the treatment of fracture by analysing its characteristic sticky nature which help the leaves to unite ones they are cut. To substantiate the folklore claims animal experimentation was carried out which showed significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity. This signifies Doctrine of signatures can be effectively utilised as a primary or firsthand tool in the direction towards the analysis of therapeutic effects of any unexplored herb as in case of Zornia gibbosa Span

Keywords: Zornia gibbosa Span., Doctrine of signatures, Purushoayam Lokasammitah (man is epitome of universe)

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