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Women’s Family Stress and Coping Strategies

Sagar K., Ramesh Kumari


Stress is a normal part of life. We all face stress in different situations, shapes and sizes. It
may seem that stress is not a big deal for someone else. Unmanaged stress can manifest as
chronic stress. Chronic stress has been shown to suppress your immune system, increase
blood pressure and blood sugar levels and exacerbate underlying conditions like anxiety and
depression. Women are more likely than men to report symptoms of depression, including
headaches and abdominal pain. Women are more likely to have mental health conditions that
are worsened by stress, such as depression or anxiety. Balancing family roles has become a
key personal and family issue for women. Family studies specialists find that the changing
family structure is a major source of stress and role strain in the home. Though men are
increasingly contributing to family responsibilities, women still provide more than their fair
share of care giving responsibilities at home it’s important to establish healthy coping skills
that will help women to reduce emotional distress or rid of the stressful situations you face.

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