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Factors affecting Utilization of Postnatal services among Rural Postnatal mothers



The immediate postpartum period consist of first 24 h after delivery. The postpartum period continues until 6 weeks after birth. During this time, it is important for mothers and baby to stay healthy because they will experience physiological as well psychological changes. A study on factors affecting utilization of postnatal services among post natal mothers at selected villages of Amritsar has been performed by the authors. The objectives of the study were to assess utilization of postnatal services and to assess the factors affecting utilization of postnatal services. An exploratory survey design was adopted for the study. Data was obtained from 100 postnatal mothers selected by convenient sampling residing under Rural Health Centre Mallunangal, Amritsar, with the help of postnatal services interview schedule. The postnatal services classified as postnatal visits, place of postnatal visits, provider of postnatal care, education regarding postnatal care (postnatal exercises, perineal care, breast care, breast feeding, contraception. The major findings of the study reveal that 71% mothers did not utilize the services and only 29% utilized the postnatal services. The present study shows that 65% mothers received only 1st postnatal visit and 29% attended up to the 2nd visit. On the basis of the findings of the study, it is recommended to conduct a similar study on a large sample of postnatal mothers, and to assess the practices of postnatal mothers regarding postnatal care.

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