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A Comparative Study on Nutritional Assessment and the Health of Toddlers (1–3 year) in Urban and Rural community of Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

Suraj J. Masih


Toddlerhood is difficult exiting interesting period of life. Developmental milestones are a set of functional skills or age-specific tasks that most children can do at a certain age range. The study sample was 500 toddlers aged 1–3 year was selected, 250 from urban and 250 from almost equal number of male and female toddlers. A modified conceptual frame work of the study was based on the Callista Roy Adaptation Model. Data was collected by the use of structured tool for health assessment and DDST (Denver Developmental Scale Test) scale was used to assess the developmental milestones. The present study is a finding and comparison of nutritional status of toddlers, age group 12–18 months. In urban area as per weight, highest number of subjects 49 (76.56%) had normal weight of 7.8+, 8 (12.50) were in grade I category and 7 (10.94%) were in grade II category. As per height three fourth of subjects 48 (75%) belongs to grade I (64.5–74.9 cm), 15 (15.63%) of subjects had normal height and only 1 (1.57%) belongs to grade II category. Regarding mid arm circumference/head circumference ratio 28 (43.75%) were healthy, 20 (31.25%) belongs to mild category, 13 (12.5%) belongs to moderate category and 3 (4.68%) belongs to severe category. In rural area, as per weight three fourth number of subjects 46 Design and Optimization of Rectangular Waveguide Geometry (76.67%) had normal weight, 9 (15.26%) were in grade I category, 1 (1.69%) were in grade II category and 4 (6.78%) were in grade III category. According to height 12 (20.34%) had normal height, 35 (59.32%) belongs to grade I (64.5–74.9 cm), 4 (6.78%) belongs to grade II category and 8 (13.56%) belongs to grade III category, i.e., <60.7 cm. Regarding mid arm circumference/head circumference ratio 20 (33.89%) were healthy, 2 (3.39%) belongs to mild category, 8 (13.56%) belongs to moderate category and 29 (49.16%) belongs to severe category (<0.250).

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