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Assessment of intravenous (IV) cannula care practices among nurses working in medical, surgical wards and emergency areas

Priya NINE, Ashima Sharma, Jasneet Kaur, Latika Bajaj, Avinash Kaur Rana


Background: Intravenous therapy is an integral part of nursing care but is associated with a high risk of infection. A descriptive study to assess IV cannulation care practices among nurses working in medical surgical wards and emergency areas in Nehru hospital, PGIMER, Chandigarh was carried from 26th March to 3rd April 2018.
Material and Methods: The study included 150 nurses selected by total enumeration method. The care practices were assessed using an observation checklist and a questionnaire. The observation checklist included the pre-procedure, intra-procedure steps of IV cannulation and care provided after insertion of cannula.
Results:The demographic data depicted that the mean age of subjects was 28.62±4.5 years with range 22-48 years. Observation of pre-procedure steps indicated that 71.3% subjects did not use tray for articles. Observation of intra procedure steps depicted that 80.7% subjects took verbal consent from patients. Redness was suggested by 112 subjects as an indication for change of IV cannulas. The emphasis on health education for patients regarding maintenance of hygiene was suggested by 59 subjects whereas hand washing was suggested by 49 subjects.
Conclusion: Emphasis should be given to update the practices regarding the IV cannula care among nurses by providing CNE (continuous nursing education) to attain the standard protocols.

Keywords: IV cannula, Nurses, Practices


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