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A Study to Explore Ageing Related Preparedness among the Employees of a Selected Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab

Geetanjali Loomba, Rupinder Kaur, Shabnam G.M.


Life is always in a state of perpetual change. The two types of changes that people experience over lifetime may often be described as biological and sociogenic ageing. Ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological and social change. A need was felt to study the preparedness of middle aged individuals in job; how much are they ready to meet the needs and challenges of ageing. The non-interventional exploratory approach was used and purposive sampling with interview method, was used for data collection. The findings showed that 80% employees were highly prepared for ageing. The variables that significantly influenced the ageing related preparedness were found to be the education of employees. Researchers concluded that majority of the employees were prepared for ageing.

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