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A Comparative Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Bitter Gourd Juice Vs Bottle Gourd Juice on Blood Sugar Level and Urine Sugar Level in Diabetes mellitus Patients in Selected Area of Nasrapur

Satish N. Salvi


Worldwide number of diabetic patients is increasing. In India it is increased from 4 million in 1984 to 30 million in 1999. Indian population increased from 680 million to 1 billion in past 16 years; whereas diabetic patients increased more than seven fold. Every fifth diabetic in the world will be an Indian. It is estimated that by the end of 2025, India will be leading in diabetic patients. It is important to do research on indigenous drugs, products which are easily available, acceptable and are cheaper than allopathic treatment. Of late, India has seen a substantial rise in the number of diabetic patients. In the year 1999 India had recorded a staggering 30 million cases, from only 4 million cases in 1984. Interestingly while our population has roughly doubled from about 680 million to 1 billion in the past 16 years; the number of diabetics has increased more than seven fold. Every fifth diabetic in the world will be Indian; this is according to a WHO report. Besides this, there were 1.02 lakh diabetes related deaths in India in 1999–2000. According to an ICMR Survey it is estimated that between 1995 and 2005 India had 32 million diabetics (20% of all diabetics in the world). The objective of the study was to compare the effectiveness of bitter gourd juice vs. bottle gourd juice on blood sugar level and urine sugar level of known diabetic patients in rural area of Pune district. Known diabetic patients were selected by convenient sampling technique; selected samples were divided into three groups, bitter gourd juice group, bottle gourd juice group and control group. Before intervention, blood and urine sugar level was estimated. Daily morning 30 ml of bitter gourd and bottle gourd juice was given to patients in respective group for 14 days. Patients were following their regular allopathic medicine and routine life style. On the last day blood and urine sugar level was estimated. Significant decrease in blood sugar level in bitter gourd juice group was observed as compared to control group and bottle gourd juice group. Bitter gourd juice or vegetable can recommended for diabetic patients along with their routine medication, which will reduce the cost of medication and delay long term complications associated of diabetes.

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