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Value of Antenatal Diagnosis and Outcome in Dandy-Walker Malformation

Barkha Devi, Menuka Pradhan, Nazung Lepcha, Upasna Rai, Maheshwari Thapa, Renuka Dhakal


Dandy-Walker malformation is a rare congenital brain malformation characterized by hypoplasia and upward rotation of the cerebellar vermis, cystic dilation of the 4th ventricle and enlargement of the posterior fossa. Ultrasonography of the central nervous system is an integral part of a prenatal scan, and the development of imaging technologies have led to better diagnostic possibilities. Here, we present an antenatal diagnosis of a case of Dandy-Walker malformation at 40 weeks of gestation. Obstetric sonography reveals the large fossa cyst communicating with 4th ventricle with aplasia of cerebellar vermis. The diagnosis was confirmed with postnatal neurosonogram and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The early antenatal diagnosis allowed for prompt obstetric attention at a referral care hospital which had specialized paediatric facilities including prenatal counselling and support.


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