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Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Compliance of Patients with Bronchial Asthma

Sriram N, Babu Dharmarajan


Due to changing environment, life style, increasing industrialization and urbanization, there is a rise in asthma, which is more common problem among adults and children. The present descriptive survey was conducted with an aim to assess the knowledge, attitude and compliance of patients with bronchial asthma among 80 subjects by utilizing structured knowledge questionnaire, attitude (5 point) scale and compliance (3 point) scale on bronchial asthma. Findings evidenced that the subjects were having inadequate knowledge, neutral attitude towards bronchial asthma and poor compliance to the prescribed treatment regimen; further, it was clear that though there was no significant correlation found between the knowledge-attitude and attitude-compliance scores, there was a statistically significant correlation found between knowledge and compliance scores (0.723) at the p<0.05. Based on the study results, investigator prepared Self Instructional Module (SIM) on self-care management of bronchial asthma, which was effective in improving the knowledge, changing the attitude and enhance proper adherence to the treatment regimen of bronchial asthma patients.

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