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Deviant Behavior among Adolescents in Selected Senior Secondary Schools in Mullana, Haryana

Poonam Sharma, Sonia S


Deviant behavior is commonly seen among adolescents. The consequences of deviant behavior presently pose a major public health problem for the society. The identification, assessment, referral and treatment of aggressive young people are challenges for many institutions including schools, juvenile justice authorities and clinical mental resources. Schools being a major influence on the growing and developing mind of the adolescents provide an ideal setting to carry out such a study. The present study was conducted to assess level of deviant behavior and to identify the factors influencing deviant behavior among adolescents of senior secondary schools situated in Mullana, Ambala. A descriptive survey research design was adopted. Convenience sampling technique was used for selection of 200 adolescents. The reliability coefficient for the rating scale and checklist was 0.90 and 0.83 respectively. Among 200 adolescents 94.5% had medium level of deviant behavior. Truancy behavior was at rank one and among factors peer pressure was at rank two. Findings suggested that there was a close association of level of deviant behavior with order of birth and with the socioeconomic status of the family of adolescents. Peer pressure was the most common factor influencing deviant behavior.

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