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Granuloma Pediculatum Benignum: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Mohammad Akheel, Suryapratapsingh Tomar


Pyogenic granuloma or granuloma pyogenicum represents about 57% of benign non-neoplastic oral lesions. Pyogenic granuloma of the oral cavity is known to most commonly involve gingiva. Extragingivally, it can occur on the lips, tongue, buccal mucosa and palate. The etiology of the lesion is not known, though it was originally believed to be a botryomycotic infection. It is theorized that pyogenic granuloma possibly originates as a response of tissues to minor trauma and/or low-grade chronic irritational factors like dental plaque or hormonal imbalances, thus opening a pathway for invasion of nonspecific microorganisms. It was once called a pregnancy tumor or granuloma gravidarum since it is most common in pregnant females. Treatment of this tumor is a wide local surgical excision. Newer techniques like use of Nd.YAG laser, flash lamp pulse dye laser, intralesional injection of ethanol or corticosteroids and sodium tetradecylsulfate sclerotherapy have been proposed. This article presents a case report of recurrent pyogenic granuloma.


Keywords: pyogenic granuloma, pregnancy tumor, granuloma pediculatum benignum, surgical excision 

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