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Clinical Practice Management in Orthodontics: An Overview

Rohit Kulshrestha, Ragni Tandon, Shrish Srivastava, Abhishek Singh


The traditional education of a dentist has placed greater emphasis on developing highly competent diagnostician or clinicians and has often left a noticeable void in the area of practice management. As dentistry enters the 21st century, it faces an ever changing population and concepts. Orthodontic observes are minor businesses, not only among orthodontic providers, but with all other health care providers as well. Competition within the arena comes from general dentists performing orthodontics, too many orthodontists and too limited patients. Also, very few barriers to entry into the orthodontic field exist, as all graduates of accredited dental schools can practice orthodontics. The passive approach for growing an orthodontic practice will no longer does. One common scenario is that many orthodontists are not confident about how to approach and succeed in the very thing they may need most. This article will assist the post-graduates and the practicing orthodontists in managing their clinical practice and any problems, which they face in day to day practice.


Keywords: Practice management, ethics, fees, education, orthodontics

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Rohit Kulshrestha, Ragni Tandon, Shrish Srivastava, Abhishek Singh. Clinical Practice Management in Orthodontics: An Overview. Research and Reviews: Journal of Dentistry. 2016; 7(2): 7–17p.

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