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Stature Estimation for Human Identification by PA Cephalometric Mandibular Parameters

Pooja S. Salkar, Chinar Fating, Abhijeet Deoghare, Avinash Thakare, Rashmi Niwsarkar, Tanvi Fuladi, Lubna Siddiqui


Background: Biological profile assessment for establishing identity can be done by using cephalometric radiographs. As often the skull and mandible are the only remains available, they can be used to get estimate of stature which is one of the important parameters for personal identification. This study was aimed at deriving stature from Posterio-anterior (PA) cephalometric mandibular parameters in adult Chhattisgarh population. Method: About 50 males and 50 females in the age range of20–60 years were subjected to stature measurement and digital PA cephalograms. Sidex is next Generation 2.4 software was used to plot the landmarks and linear mandibular measurements were derived. Using statistical tools, the data were analyzed for correlation and linear regression for stature equations. Result: Bicondylar distance (BCD), Bigonial distance (BGD) and Mandibular dimension (MD) showed strong positive correlation with stature in both the genders, while in females apart from these parameters Codylon-Gonion distance, left Gonion-Gnathion distance were also found to be correlated with stature. Conclusion: It can be concluded that these PA cephalometric mandibular parameters can be use in estimating stature and thus are helpful in establishing personal identification.


Keywords: Measured living stature (MLS), mandibular measurements, biological profile, personal identification.


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Salkar PS, Fating C, Deoghare A, et al. Stature Estimation for Human Identification by PA Cephalometric Mandibular Parameters. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Dentistry. 2019; 10(1): 31–35p.

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