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Alveolar Cysts in a Newborn Infant: A Case Report

Monika Khoja, Anshula Deshpande, Poonacha K. S., Rameshwari Raol


Cystic lesions of transient nature through Epstein pearls, Bohn’s nodules and dental lamina cysts are frequently found in the oral cavities of newborn infants. These cysts arise from the developing dental tissues or from their remnants. Alveolar cyst is also known as gingival cyst of newborn or dental lamina cyst. This cyst presents as a benign oral lesion which is whitish-yellow in color present on the alveolar ridge of newborns or infants. These lesions are usually multiple, but do not increase in size. Mostly the lesion is self-limiting which may shed in a few weeks or months after birth. It may be incorrectly diagnosed as natal teeth if present in mandibular anterior region. Here, the authors have presented a case of alveolar cysts of newborn. However, when contacted by anxious parents seeking treatment, paediatric dental surgeons should be able to explain and reassure the parents about the transient nature of these lesions and need for no treatment but regular follow-up. Prompt diagnosis is required as a pediatric dentist to in order to avoid unnecessary therapeutic procedure and provide best oral care and counseling to parents and care givers.

Alveolar cyst, gingival cyst, oral mucosal lesions, alveolar ridge, dental lamina

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Monika Khoja, Anshula Deshpande, Poonacha K.S. et al. Alveolar Cysts in a Newborn Infant: A Case Report. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Dentistry. 2017; 8(3): 26–28p.

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