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Agenesis of Permanent Mandibular Central Incisors: A Case Report

Rameshwari Raol, Anshula Deshpande, Prateek Kariya, Monika Khoja


Paediatric dentists commonly come across one or more cases of congenitally missing teeth on regular oral assessment. Hypodontia and oligodontia are the two most frequently encountered genetic disorders. Hypodontia is the case when one or less than six teeth are missing congenitally. Various other causes have also been put forward namely, environmental factors, radiation, trauma, infection or genetic mutations. A proper documentation of such condition becomes essential to augment the knowledge about congenitally missing teeth. The aim of this paper is to report a case of congenital missing permanent mandibular central incisors.

Keywords: Paediatric dentists, genetic disorders, mandibular central incisors

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Raol R, Deshpande A, Kariya P et al. Agenesis of Permanent Mandibular Central Incisors: A Case Report. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Dentistry. 2017; 8(3): 7–9p.

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