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An Intersection in the Age of Online Social Networking with Dental Professionalism—A Survey

K. Srinivasan


Background: Computers have become an integral component of Dentistry finding its application in patient care and Dental education. Objectives: The present study was conducted to assess the value and measures for the utilization of Internet services among Dental professionals practicing at Vellore, India. Introduction: Humans are living in the era of online technology in their whole lives. They prefer new media technologies and online learning. Method: In this analytical, cross-sectional and descriptive study conducted in Vellore, India a validated self-administered 17 Internet-based questionnaire was distributed during Jan 2018–Feb 2018 to assess computer and internet use among 150 Dental practitioners. Questionnaire included five questions regarding social-demographic variables of respondents, 12 questions about background, general use, and professional use of information technology (IT). Results: Dentists in our study did not have adequate knowledge about professional use of IT and their general use of IT was also weak. Conclusion: Computer use was high in this study sample of Vellore Dentists, but a small proportion of dental offices remained without computers. The Dentists participated in this study had insufficient knowledge about professional IT and further instruction and training seem necessary in this respect.


Keywords: Attitude, Computer Systems/Utilization, Dental Practice Management, Information Technology (IT), Knowledge and Search Engines


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Srinivasan K. An intersection in the age of online social networking with Dental Professionalism—A Survey. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Dentistry. 2019; 10(1): 14–23p.

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