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Management of Renal Calculi by Three Powerful Herbs—Overview

Priyanka Verma


Renal calculi also called as kidney stones, is found in every one of twenty individuals during their life time. Decreased urine volume or increased excretion of stone forming components such as calcium, oxalate, urate, cystine, xanthine and phosphate is the main cause for development of stones. There are many herbal formulations available for renal calculi but this review article is focussed on Varuna, Kulattha and Gokshura. Kulattha have diuretic, antilithiac properties, decoction of its seeds was found to be effective in dissolving kidney stones in humans. Varuna was found beneficial in treating urinary tract infections (UTIs), painful and burning micturition as well as urinary and kidney stones. While on the other hand, dried fruit of Gokshura help in treating genitourinary tract disorders along with removal of urinary stones. Therefore, it can be said that these herbal medicines are effective in treating renal calculi.


Keywords: renal calculi, Varuna, Gokshura, Kulattha


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Verma P. Management of Renal Calculi–By Three Powerful Herbs (Overview). Research & Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions. 2018; 8(2): 27–30p.

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