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Assessment of Hematological Disorders in Patients Using Phenytoin With or Without Nutritional Supplements

Meda Venkata Subbaiah, Beparie Bushrah Anjum, Sabavath Omkar Naik, V Ganesh, M Purushothaman



Phenytoin is the most prescribed drug in controlling the epileptic seizures for prolonged period and this can lead to life-threatening adverse events. This prospective study is aimed to find out the incidence of hematological disorders (HDs) in patients receiving Phenytoin. The authors have screened 100 patients receiving phenytoin for ≥ 6 months, of whom 35 were recruited as per the eligibility criteria and their hematological parameters were noted, 90% of patients have developed anemia and the remaining 10% have developed other HDs. Patients receiving Phenytoin along with the IFA alone, both IFA and BC have shown better HB values (11.25 g/dL) than patients receiving B-complex alone (9.68 g/dL) and the authors have assessed the nutritional status of the study subjects and found 67% patients were well nourished. Incidence of Phenytoin-induced hematological diseases; especially anemia was observed in most of the patients, co-prescription of nutritional supplements in combination of folic acid along with Phenytoin will diminish the incidence of Phenytoin-induced hematological disorders. Regular and periodical monitoring of hematological parameters of patients under Phenytoin therapy for long-term period is necessary for early identification and management of HDs.


Keywords: Phenytoin, hematological disorders, nutritional supplements, folic acid, anemia


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Venkata Subbaiah Meda, Anjum Beparie Bushrah, Naik Sabavath Omkar et al. Assessment of hematological disorders in patients using phenytoin with or without nutritional supplements. Research and Reviews: Journal of Medicine. 2015; 5(3): 1–5p.

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