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Giant Cell Tumour of Tendon Sheath in Thumb: A Case Report

Siddaram. N. Patil, Sankar Rao P, Sandeep Reddy


Giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath is the second most common tumor of the hand often referred to as xanthoma. Histologically these tumors are composed of multinucleated giant cells, polyhedral histiocytes, fibrosis and hemosiderin deposits. Marginal excision of giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath is the treatment of choice. We present a case of Xanthoma of flexor pollicis longus tendon that presented as single enlarging mass in volar aspect of left thumb. After clinical diagnosis work up is done with ultrasound, FNAC and excision biopsy.


Keywords: Thumb, tendon sheath, giant cell tumor, flexor tendon

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