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Secondary Infertility due to Retention of Foetal Bones: A Rare Occurrence: A Case Report

Priti Anand, Mukul Bindra, Sadhna Mathur, Ravi Mathur


In this paper we present a case of unwanted contraception through prolonged retention of foetal bone—a rare cause of secondary infertility. We describe a case of intrauterine retention of foetal bone diagnosed three years after the termination of a pregnancy. A hysteroscopy was performed and irregular structures were removed. These fragments were foetal bones, which probably functioned as an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD). After removal of the foetal bone fragments, the patient conceived spontaneously. This case report stresses the importance of taking a thorough history and evaluation of the endometrium by transvaginal ultrasound (USG) or hysteroscopy in women with secondary infertility.


Keywords:   foetal bones, retention, infertility, hysteroscopy, IUCD

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