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Spontaneous Perforation of Uterus in Pyometra

Ravi Mathur, Sadhana Mathur, Priyanka Suhag, Pahula Verma


Accumulation of pus in the uterine cavity is known as Pyometra. Any cause that obstructs the flow of menstrual blood and endometrial secretions can lead to development of Pyometra. Various factors have been implicated in development of this condition which includes any benign or malignant growth that obstructs cervical canal, any age related stenosis, previous radiotherapy, previous surgeries on cervix. Spontaneous Rupture of Pyometra is a rare event and can be life threatening if not recognized on time. We present a case of 75-year-old woman who presented with this rare and life-threatening complication. Immediate emergency exploratory laparotomy with total abdominal hysterectomy was performed. Patient had uneventful postoperative period .More investigations revealed no malignancy as the reason of the pyometra.


Keywords: spontaneous uterine perforation, pyometra; peritonitis.

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