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Injury to The Gut: A Rare Complication of Common Practice

Kedar Shahi, Geeta Bhandari


Unsafe abortion practices are common in rural India even after 38 years of MTP act. Access to the safe abortion services is limited. Illegal, unqualified and untrained people are offering their services to the ill fated patients which include teenaged unmarried girls. Incidence of uterine perforation varies from 0.4–15 per 1000 abortions. Uterine perforation rarely complicates the first trimester surgical abortions but the perforation resulting in vascular or intra abdominal organ damage may require surgical intervention.


Keywords: Abortion, Uterine perforation, Bowel, Contraception


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Kedar Singh Shahi, Geeta Bhandari. Injury to the Gut: A Rare Complication of Common Practice. Research and Reviews: Journal of Surgery, 2015; 4(2): 15–16p.

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