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Enigmatic Science: Shusruta’s Surgical Instruments

A. Rathod


Acharya Suśruta ‘The Father of Indian Surgery’ had major influence by his innovations in surgical techniques, treatment approaches and invention of instruments [1]. He introduced different types of surgical instrument for different disease. He was the sage surgeon who first time invented, organised, distributed and explained about many surgical Instruments in detail, which we can understand easily. Current development of surgery is due to medical practitioners and surgeons practices and experiments throughout the history. Methods and materials used for this Literature Research Suśruta’s different types of historical instruments (‘Yantra Shshtra’) from Suśruta’ Samhita were reviewed and represented [2]. These surgical instruments were correlated with modified version and suggested for current use according to ancient knowledge. Acharya Sushruta for the first time explained about many surgical procedures and well organized information about the instruments and their uses in various surgical diseases in detail which we can understand easily. A historical and comparative study on the instruments and their various aspects, as mentioned in this research were reviewed and it could bring new facts to light. This article is a journey of discovery triggered by this offhand comment in the premier reference book on Suśruta samhita and an attempt to set the records straight. Suśruta’s creations in the form of instruments are so beautiful; many of the modern similar instruments appear as though they have been copied from Sushruta’s treatise. It is need of the hour to explore the hidden truth by decoding the versions of the texts.


Keywords: Shalya, Sushruta Samhita, Yantra Shshtra

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