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Non-healing Ulcer Treatment with Unani Formulation Zaroor-e-Qawi: A Case Series

Saiyad Shah Alam, Md. Rizwanullah, Waseem Ahmad


Non-healing ulcers (Qurooh-e-Aseeerat-ul-Indamaal) are those ulcers which do not heal by conservative treatment within six weeks. In Indian community its prevalence reported in year 2004 was 4.8 per1000 populations. About 1% of total western population suffers from it. This estimate is likely to increase many folds because of the increasing population of elderly people and the people with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, arterial and venous diseases. It badly affects the patient’s quality of life and also increases the risk of prolonged hospitalization. In view of its common prevalence and non-availability of affordable treatment, it is worthwhile to look towards Unani system of medicine where non-healing ulcer can be efficiently treated with the drugs havingmujaffif, khatim, daaf-e-taaffun and mundammil-e-qurooh actions. In the present study, three patients with clinical diagnosis of non-healing ulcer were subjected to local application of Unani formulation “Zaroor-e-Qawi” with an objective to assess its effect in the treatment of non-healing ulcer. In the first case initial size wound of size was approximately 22´6 cm2. By the end of 105th day of the treatment 96.78% of wound area healed with normal epithelialization and remaining 3.78% of unhealed wound area covered with healthy granulation tissues. In the second cases, wound of size approximately5´4 cm2healed completely by the end of45th days of study. In the third case, wound of size approximately 3.5´3 cm2 healed completely by the end of 30th day of the treatment. Unani formulation Zaroor-e-Qawi appears to be effective in the treatment of non-healing ulcer and can prove to be an alternative to the conventional treatment of non-healing ulcer.In order to validate its efficacy, it should be evaluated on large sample size.


Keywords: Non-healing ulcer, Zaroor-e-qawi, Unani medicine

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Saiyad Shah Alam, Md. Rizwanullah, Waseem Ahmad. Non-healing Ulcer Treatment with Unani Formulation Zaroor-e-Qawi: A Case Series. Research & Reviews: Journal of Surgery. 2018; 7(2): 9–14p.


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