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Role of Aspirin on Keloid: A Case Report

Mohammad Asif Khan, Rabia Nizam, Shakeel Ansari, Mahjabeen Fatimah


A keloid is a cutaneous mass that characteristically develops following dermal injury. Keloids extend beyond the borders of the original wound invading normal skin. Usually appear as firm nodules, often pruritic and painful, and generally do not regress spontaneously. Most often occur on the chest, shoulders, upper back, back of the neck, and earlobe. We report a case of excessive keloid formation in a 40-year-old female following itching in which no other aetiology could be found after detailed history, examination and investigation. Because of the rapid and extensive nature of the disease it is a matter of further research.


Keywords: Keloid, aspirin, cryotherapy

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Mohammad Asif Khan, Rabia Nizam, Shakeel Ansari. Role of Aspirin on Keloid: A Case Report. Research & Reviews: Journal of Surgery. 2018; 7(2): 18–20p.

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