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Non-Microsurgical Reattachment for Ear Amputations

Bilgen Can


Ear amputations seem rare but could cause serious deformities and psychological problems. Overall approach for ear amputations is microsurgical replantation. However, this approach is not applicable to every case and in every center. In these situations, there are non-microsurgical replantation methods. We applied non-microsurgical replantation with Boudet method to a 24 year old patient who had partially amputated ear by a human bite. Based on this, we wanted to study overall approach on ear amputations and non-microsurgical reattachment techniques accompanied with the literature.


Keywords: Amputation, replantation, ear, non microsurgical reattachment

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Bilgen Can. Non-Microsurgical Reattachment for Ear Amputations. Research & Reviews: Journal of Surgery. 2018; 7(2): 21–25p.

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