Role of Nutool (Irrigation) in the Management of Shaqeeqa (Migraine): A Review

Patel Furqan Ahamed, Sufiyan Ahmad Ghawte, Gazala Mulla, Akhtar Hussain Farooqui, Jalees Ahmad


In Unani system of medicine, Shaqeeqa is a familiar disorder, it is not a modern entity, and it is described since ancient time. Many eminent Unani physician like as Jalinoos, Ibn-sina, and Razi described its etiology, prevention and treatment. Shaqeeqa is characterized by recurrent attacks of pulsatile headache usually unilateral wildly variable in intensity, frequency and duration. Its cause involves morbid vapors and humoral imbalance. Alteration in Asbab-esitta Zarooriya leads to various diseases of which Shaqeeqa is the one. Nutool is a novel method in which water, oil or medicated decoction is poured from a height over specific sites of the body in certain diseases. This process is called Tanteel (irrigation). Depending upon the nature of liquids used for desired actions in this therapy it has been broadly divided into two types Nutool Haar, Nutool Barid. Irrigation is done with a purpose of acceleration of process of Ikhraj mawad (Evacuation of morbid material) and normalization of morbid temperament and to improve the Quwat-e-Mudafiat (defense mechanism of body). It also enhances the local absorption of medicines thus helps in getting the desired action of medicine locally. Nutool is effective in relieving the chronic diseases, pain and stiffness of various types e.g. migraine, headache, and meningitis, stroke, retention on urine etc. 

Keywords: Nutool, Shaqeeqa, Asbab-e-sitta-zarooriyah, regimental therapy 

Cite this Article Patel Furqan Ahamed, Sufiyan Ahmad Ghawte, Gazala Mulla et al. Role of Nutool (Irrigation) in the Management of Shaqeeqa (Migraine): A Review. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. 2017; 4(3): 1–4p. 

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