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Comparative Study of Shatkarma and Panchakarma

Meena Sharma, Akshay Kumar Gaur


Shatakarma and Panchakarma both are the pure actions which are helpful in removing physical and mental disorders. By removing the contaminated sewage, they bring balance to unbalanced elements of body. Unbalanced elements cause disorder within the body and spoil the physical rules by which man becomes a patient. The purification of the body is done by doing these pure actions (Shatakarma and Panchakarma) and also they remove internal disorders. Yoga says that there is a close relationship between the body and the mind, so when we do physical purification, then the mental state starts to purify itself. Just as the tree is uprooted from the root, it is unlikely to regenerate, in the same way, by these purification actions, the root cause of diseases is removed, so that a person can lead a healthy life.

Keywords: Shatakarma, Panchakarma, purification, vamana, virechan, anuvasana vasti

Meena Sharma, Akshay Kumar Gaur
Comparative Study of Sha tkarma and
Panchakarma Journal of AYUSH: Ayurveda,
Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy . 2019;
8(3): 2 1 2 3p.

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