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Vethathiri Maharishi’s Panchabootha Navagraha Meditation: A Powerful Yogic Solution for Alcoholic Deaddiction in Human

Ramadhevi R., V. Ramadas


Alcohol is one of the most popular addictive substances in the world. In the present investigation it has been realized that bringing alcoholic addicts to yogic learning is a herculean task and focused to inculcate an interest in the minds of the alcohol addicted persons on the path of recovery. The Village Service Project (VSP) promulgated by World Community Service Centre, Aliyar, has been implemented in the study through which efforts were continuously made to rehabilitate alcoholic addicted persons along with other villagers. Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) classes devised by Vethathiri Maharishi are taught free to the villagers. Many women and children have participated and learn the SKY yoga practices. However, only lean attendance was observed for men participants due to alcoholic addiction, men hesitated to attend yoga class. Samples of 300 family members from Nergunapattu and Eichur villages who are affected by addicted persons were chosen. Theypracticed Panchabootha Navagraha Meditation for a period of 48 days/one mandalam with sankalpa thereby the addicts are triggered to come forward in the spiritual path and adopt yoga to overcome addiction. The results of the study have indicated the positive effect on the addicted persons to abstain from alcohol there by bring happiness to the family.


SKY Yoga, Vethathiri Maharishi, Village Service Project (VSP), WCSC, Alcoholic Addicted person, Deaddiction-Meditation Practice, Panchabootha Navagraha Meditation

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