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Efficacy of Shvitrari Yoga and Jyotishmati Tailam on Shvitra

Nitesh Vyas, Arpita Mathur, Chhaju Ram Yadav, M. S. Meena


Since the ancient times, human being is trying to build a healthy society and in
achieving this goal Ayurveda science has played a very important role. Nowadays, due to western culture, it is very difficult to follow the schedules as described in Ritucharya, Dincharya of Ayurveda science and due to disturbed living style, physical as well as mental diseases are increasing. Shvitra (Vitiligo) mainly a lifestyle related disorder is characterized as hypo-pigmentation of the skin. The collected data proved the role of Shvitrari Yoga and Jyotishmati Tailam in the treatment of Shvitra (Vitiligo). Shvitrari Yoga and Jyotishmati Tailam clear the dusti (anomaly) of Bhrajaka Pitta stimulating the formation of Tyrosinase, thus increasing the Melanin formation and the coloration of skin. The study indicated that Shvitrari Yoga and Jyotishmati Tailam were significantly useful in the management of Shvitra (Vitiligo). The result was inferred and concluded using T-test of significance.

Keywords: shvitra, shvitrari yoga, jyotishmati tailam

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