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Observational Study on the Role of Gandusha (Jambu Patra Kwatha) in the Management of Mukhapaka

Rakesh Shukla, Amit A. Patil, Vidula A. Patil


Mukhapaka is neither a serious disorder nor one that can be dismissed as cursory. It is not life-threatening, but at the same time it can be crippling by grossly disturbing the individual’s life style. Habits like tobacco chewing, smoking, etc., have increased incidences of diseases pertaining to oral cavity. To assess the role of Jambu Patra Kwatha Gandusha, as Upakrama in the management of Mukhapaka. Gandusha of Jambu Patra Kwatha which have Kashaya, Madhur and Amla Rasa, Shita Virya and other properties like Pittaghnata, Vranaghnata and Varna Ropan. On the basis of this study, it can be concluded in a nutshell that Gandusha with Jambu Patra Kwatha provided significant result in reducing signs and symptoms; and also in preventing recurrent Mukhapaka.

Keywords: Gandusha, Jambu, Mukhapaka

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