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Concept of Avartana in Ayurvedic Classics

Nagasri N. Ekbote, Rajshekhar V. S., Sreelakshmi C. Reddy, Nitin B. Patil


There are many drug doses forms for drug delivery systems available in Ayurvedic classics. Snehapaka is one among these pharmaceutical processes. It is a method of preparation of medicated sneha (ghee or oil) and depending on stage of preparation, it is of three types. Among these, the madhyama paka sneha is used to administer orally. When this snehapaka is done repeatedly with drava dravya (decoction, milk, etc.) and kalka (paste) the process is called Avartana. Depending on the number of processes, the formulations are named shatapaki and sahsrapaki. This avartana process was generated to potentiate the formulation which was used from Samhita period to minimize dose, for easy consumption and assimilation of the medicine. This article aims to review a unique method of sneha preparation (avartana) in different contexts of Ayurveda.

Keywords: Snehapaka, avartana, shatapaki, sahasrapaki

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