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Preparation and Physico-chemical Analysis of Apasmarari Rasa – An Ayurvedic Formulation

Vikas Saroch, R. S. Hiremath


Apasmarari Rasa, a unique Ayurvedic preparation has the main ingredients like Hingulottha Shuddha Parad (HSP), Shuddha Gandhaka (SG) and Shuddha Tuttha (ST) and Bhavana Dravya (trituration) as Tinospora cordifolia (Guduchi). The Chakrikas (pellets) prepared after giving bhavana to the above-mentioned ingredients, were sealed in Sharava (shallow earthen disc) Samputa (uniform smeared and dried) and subjected to Agni. After self-cooling (Swangasheeta), the mixture was triturated with Musa paradisiaca Linn (Kadali Kanda Swarasa) tuber juice for one day and the final product was subjected to analysis. Physico-chemical analytical findings were as these: Grahya Hingula showed 35.6% of Hg, Grahya Gandhaka showed 91.9% of S, and Grahya Tuttha showed 23.84 % of copper. Hingulottha Shuddha Parada (HSP) showed 99.39% of mercury (Hg), Shuddha Gandhaka (SG) showed 87% of sulfur (S) and ST showed 19.12% of copper (Cu). Prepared Apasmarari Rasa (ARR) showed 18.57% of Hg, 8.85 % of sulfur (S) and 15.26% of copper (Cu).

Keywords: Agnisamskara, Apasmarari Rasa, Gandhaka , Mardana ,Parada, Tuttha.

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