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Approach to Ziabetes Sukari (Diabetes Mellitus) in Ancient Ages and Its Management with Unani Herbal Drugs: A Review

Mohammad Nasar K., Kotagasti Yasmin


In Unani System of Medicine, Diabetes has been mentioned as Ziabetus Sukari. It is estimated that around 2−4% of the world population is suffering from this disease. In India, the prevalence is about 40.9 million and it is expected to be 69.6 million by 2025. It is due to weakness of kidneys, dilatation of orifices of vessels of the kidneys, Sue Mizaj Haar Kuliya (Ill temperament of kidney), Burudat Kuliya (Coldness of the kidneys), Qawi Quwat-e-Jaziba (Strong expulsive power) and Kamzor Quwate Masika (Weakness of retentive power). Herbal medicines having the temperament of cold and wet, having the properties of tonic to the liver and kidneys would be more beneficial. This review focuses on preclinical and clinical trials on herbs used in the treatment of diabetes in various approaches to reduce the ill effects of diabetes and its secondary complications.

Keywords: Ziabetes Sada, Diabetes Mellitus, Sue Mizaj Haar Kuliya, cold temperament, antidiabetic Unani herbal medicine

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