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Histopathology in Ayurveda

Nishant Shukla


It is believed that ayurvedic pathogenesis is based on humeral changes, and changes in tissues are not dealt. This limits the understanding of disease ayurvedically and its man-agement. A morbid condition occurs due to humeral change, but disease always occurs after changes in tissues. Histopathological basis of disease in ayurvedic science is de-scribed by Acharya Charaka, morbid body humors imparts their morbid changes on tis-sues and produce similar changes in them. This is important to study for management of disease as Acharya Charaka opines that Dhatu Samyam or Prakruti Sthapana is predes-tined in managing any disease, failing to that make the disease to run in chronic course. Here an attempt has been made to illustrate histopathological basis of disease.

Keywords: ayurveda, histopathology, dosha, pathology, disease.

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