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Homeopathy: The Evidence and Basis of Physiological Medicine

Mukesh Batra


It is time we looked at a fresh, new scientific model for homeopathic remedy action on living systems — one that is logically and rationally based. A paradigm that explains why homeopathy is scientifically “plausible” and how homeopathic remedies exert their biological effects primarily as nanostructures and why physiology, not pharmacology, is the most appropriate discipline for studying and validating the credo. This is imperative to bring two sequels to the forefront too — one, to collate and corroborate a large body of previously ignored, interdisciplinary evidence that health researchers might not, otherwise, use to understand homeopathic remedies, and two to “pitchfork” homeopathy for wider acceptance within the portals of healing — be it traditional, conventional and integrative medicine.

Keywords: homeopathic scientific model, nanoparticles, allostatic cross-adaptation, physiological medicine, epidemics

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