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Effect of A Short-term Therapy of Virechana Karma along with Kaishora Guggulu and Pranayama on Serum Uric Acid of Gout Patient

Amit Kumar Tanwar, Archana Sharma, Sunil Kumar Sriwas


The sedentary lifestyle, unusual dietary habits, junk foods, lack of physical work have not only led to physical diseases and problems but also to the mental disorders as well, these habits have disturbed the functioning of the body. One of the metabolic disorders is gout, associated with abnormal amounts of urates in the body and characterized by a recurring acute arthritis. The need of my study is to find out whether the short term therapy of the Virechana Karma along with Kaishora guggulu and Pranayama can prove to be effective without any side effects, then the other prescribed treatments for Gout. Virechana is one of these powerful panchakarma therapies, used to cleanse the blood, stomach, intestines, liver, spleen and kidneys. It has been used for millennia to great effect and many recent studies have backed up the ancient knowledge. It is very useful for any disease caused by high pitta and is recommended on an annual basis in the autumn (after the heat of summer) to prevent the buildup of pitta. A clinical study of Virechana Karma along with Kaishora guggulu was conducted on 10 patients at Ayush Ayurveda Centre, Delhi. Assessment based on serum uric acid levels was done before and after treatment. The results were statistically analyzed. After the intervention, serum uric acid was significantly reduced. The study revealed that Virechana Karma was proved to be beneficial for the patients of gout.


Vatarakta, Gouty Arthritis, Virechana, Serum Uric Acid, Kaishora guggulu, Danti, Koshta

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