An Appraisal of Medhya Rasayana (Nootropic Herbs) In Present Scenario

Shweta Dewan, Bhopal Chandra Arya


Rasayana tantra is a branch of ayurveda which describes the measures of attaining long life, maintenance of youthfulness, increasing immunity and providing excellent nutrition to all the body tissues. Rasayana on regular practice boosts nourishment, health, memory, immunity and longevity. Rasayana can be classified as Dravyabhuta and Adravyabhuta Rasayana. Adravyabhuta Rasayana includes Aachara Rasayana and Dravyabhuta Rasayana; classified as Kamya Rasayana, Naimittika Rasayana and Ajasrika Rasayana. Medhya Rasayana (nootropic herbs) is a subtype of Kamya Rasayana and they are used with an intention or desire to improve intellect, concentration and memory. Need of attaining mental peace is increasing day by day in view of tremendous increase in the stress and strain. Medhya Rasayana described in the classics can be used as single dravyas or in combination. Some examples from our classics are Mandukaparni, Gudduchi, Yashtimadhu, Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Vacha, Jatamansi and Ashwagandha. Objective of this study are to highlight the importance of using Rasayana in today’s perspective which is bounded by stressed life and immense competition. All the relevant ayurvedic classics with desired content matter were available which was thoroughly searched and the outcome was analyzed. The use of Medhya Rasayana in everyday sphere is a boon to the mankind considering the amount of stress, one is surrounded by which is difficult to deal with nowadays.


Keywords: Medhya, Rasayana, memory, stress


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Shweta Dewan, Bhopal Chandra Arya. An Appraisal of Medhya Rasayana (Nootropic Herbs) in Present Scenario. Journal of AYUSH: Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. 2018; 7(1): 27–32p.

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