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A Conceptual Study of Ritu wsr to Shad Ritu Charya

Gyanendra kumar Gupta, gagan devi


Health is essentially a product of interaction of an individual with his environment. The basic principles of prevention as well as management of illness are based on doshic theory of Vāta-Pitta-Kapha. This theory of Āyurveda explains all the physiological as well as pathological changes in health and disease. Similarly the proportion of the three doshas pooled over the total body and mind, determines the overall physique, physiology and psychology or behaviour of an individual. This genetically determined range of proportion of the three doshas is called Prakriti that is, dosha or deha Prakriti. Tridoshas which regulate all the activities of the body are affected by external environment (diurnal and seasonal), food habit and habitat as well as physical and mental conditions. The sages of Āyurveda have given a great emphasis on these problems and have suggested the schedules of Swasthavritta viz. Dincharyā (routines of the day), Rātricharyā (routines of the night), Ritucharyā (seasonal regimen), Rasāyana (rejuvenative measures) and Sadavrutta (rules of ethical conduct) to be followed regularly


Ayurveda, Ratricharya, Ritucharya, Sadavrutta, Tridosha

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Gyanendra GK. Role of Ritucharya wsr to virechana karma in maintenance of health in pitta Pradhan prakriti purusha. MD (Ayu) Thesis. Delhi: A&U Tibbia College, Karolbagh, University of Delhi; 2009.


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