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Role of Tabiat (Quwwat-e-Muddabbira Badan) in The Light of Unani System of Medicine

Khan Husna, Patel Furqan Ahmad, Rafi Ahmed Chaudhary, Farooqui Md Rafe, Khan Bushra Hina


Tabiat is the ordinary power which when exists in a body pledges movements and rest in its obligatorily. Tabiat is fundamentally a power which is a well-prepared system which keeps the body temperament and internal environment. Therapeutic herbs have been used practically in all cultures for enhancement of the immune system. Unani medicines rely on tabyat mudabbira-i-badan which is the complete strength, which accomplishes all the biological tasks of the body, provides resistance in resistance to many disorders and supports in healing in a natural manner. It is said that the real physician is the tabiat and the task of the physician is only to help it. The use of immunomodulatory drugs, besides others, is the unique feature of Unani medicine which plays an important role in modifying the body immunity and improving overall quality of life. This review purposes to pronounce the old concept of tabi’at and some significant immunomodulatory herbs in Unani system of medicine.


Tabiat, Quwwat-e-Muddabbira Badan, immunity, Quwwat-e-Madafiat, immunomodulatory herbs

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