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Management of Chronic Hepatitis and Copper Accumulation with Ayurveda – A Single Case Study

ANKITA PRAHALADBHAI PATEL, Das Ashok kumar Nathulal, Haresh Vyas


Hepatitis is a general term can be define as inflammation of the liver caused due to several factors such as viruses, chemicals, drugs, alcohol
and certain genetic disorders or by an overactive immune system which mistakenly attacks the liver known as autoimmune hepatitis. Hepatitis can be acute, which appears immediately and goes away quickly, or chronic, which is a long-term condition that typically produces more mild symptoms and gradually damages the liver. A patient suffered from recurrent hepatitis, one episode of hepatic encephalopathy for 4 year and with high copper
IC-PMS value given Ayurvedic medicine Tapyadi Loha, Phalatrikadi Kwath and Pipala Patra with  Guda, by that patient was benefited in symptomatic complaints with normal USG reports and normal copper IC-PMS value within 2 year. The present case study focuses on whether chronic hepatitis can be successfully treated with formulations mentioned in Ayurveda due to drugs mainly acts as Pittavirechaka, Shothahara, Yakruduttejaka Rasayana and Dhatuvardhaka which helps in improving the functioning of liver.


Hepatitis, Hepatic encephalopathy, Copper IC-PMS, Tapyadi Loha, Phalatrikadi Kwath.

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