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Use and Perceived Effectiveness of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) among COVID-19 Survivors in UT Chandigarh

Monika Dutta, Rajbeer Kaur, Sukhjit Kaur2, Anamika ., Arshiya Kaushal, Gurleen Kaur, Kiran ., Mitika ., Paramjeet Kaur, Neha Handa


Objectives: China originated virus popular as COVID-19 has threatened the current healthcare system of the world. Due to unavailability of its definitive treatment, alternate treatment practices like Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) are being considered for management. The present study aimed to assess the use and perceived effectiveness of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) among COVID-19 survivors. Methods: The study was conducted on the employees of selected 15 government banks of Union Territory (U.T.) Chandigarh who contracted COVID-19 and used CAM for its management. Using total enumeration technique, 27 COVID-19 survivors were enrolled. Descriptive research design was adopted. Data was collected using semi-structured interview schedule, clinical profile sheet, CAM use and perceived effectiveness questionnaire. Results: Out of 27 subjects, 55.6% were males and 44.4% were females. Most of them (85.2%) were symptomatic. Among different CAM practices, subjects used Biologically based therapies (100%), under which garlic (77.8%), kadha (74.1%) and tulsi (74.1%) were the most used. Other used domains were Mind body interventions (85.2%) and Whole medicine system (44.4%), under which breathing practices, (66.7%), yoga, (33.3%) and Ayurveda (37%), Homeopathy (11.1%) were most used. Perceived effectiveness of CAM was given in terms of very effective (22.2%), effective (51.9%), a little effective (22.2%) and 3.7% subjects were undecided. Majority of the subjects (96.3%) claimed to use CAM in future. Conclusion: Under different CAM domains, Biologically based therapies was the most used domain followed by Mind body interventions and Whole medicine system. Almost all the subjects perceived CAM to be effective.


Complementary and Alternative Medicine, COVID-19, Survivors, Perceived effectiveness

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