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Psychosocial Needs among Caregivers of Patient with Mood Disorders in Tertiary Care Hospitals, Dehradun

Ashutosh Kunwar, V. Mahalingam, Anjana Williams


Introduction: Mood disorders are the second commonest cause of disability and hospitalization, presently all over the world. Caregivers always compromise with their physical, psychological and social health to provide the best possible care to their loved one. These adjustments impose a negative impact on caregiver’s health and causes psychosocial strain, which leads to lower needs of the caregivers. Methodology: A quantitative non-experimental cross-sectional survey design was used to assess the psychosocial needs among caregivers of patients suffering with mood disorders. Systemic random sampling was done to select 198 caregivers. Modified caregivers strain index (MCSI) and sociodemographic tool were used to collect data. Result: Result showed that about two-thirds of caregivers experienced psychological strains due to care giving responsibility, and the type of strains were identified as social strain, strain in personal domain, physical strain and financial strain due to the care giving responsibility. These strains in various domains of health lead to lower needs of the caregivers. These lower psychosocial needs were not associated with their sociodemographic characteristics. Conclusion: Being a family member of a person suffering from mood disorders is stressful. Every individual has some sort of strain but when you care someone it increases from moderate to severe levels.

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