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A Conceptul study of Puerperium wsr Puerperial sepsis.

Gyanendra kumar Gupta, Gagan Devi


The Postpartum period is a critical stage in woman’s life in which a series of changes occur,which impact not only physical health of woman but also psychological and social level.The postpartum period is considered as an indicator of standard of maternal and child health. Routine care in the immediate postpartum period includes meticulous awareness of the medical and social needs of the mother. .It is also very important to understand the risks of  medical complications of the puerperium.Successful management of puerperium by a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals should result in a highly successful and emotionally enjoyable experience.So in this article ,A conceptual study of puerperium is explained in detail to understand its basics,along with commonest puerperial disoreder ie Puerperial sepsis.

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