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Current guidelines for Covid-19 and people living with HIV/AIDS-A Review

Sonia Arora


There is an extraordinary worry about the effect of COVID-19 (Corona virus disease-2019) among the almost 40 million people living with HIV (PLWH) around the world. Having HIV (Human immune deficiency virus) doesn’t present assurance against serious appearances of COVID-19. A few drug trials/investigations looking at antiretroviral drugs against HIV to treat SARS-CoV-2 have shown no mortality advantage. Subsequently, there is no sign to change antiretroviral treatment (ART) regimens among virologically stifled PLWH to forestall COVID-19. HIV care services have been unfavorably affected in a few nations during this pandemic yet has set out a freedom for speeding up successful techniques like dispensing multi-month ART. Decentralizing HIV care in low-asset settings and fusing telemedicine in high-asset settings will be basic in moderating stuns to medical care frameworks later on.

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