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The Effectiveness of Curry Leaves in Reducing the Blood Glucose Level in Subjects with Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus



Type 2 diabetes mellitus occur when body is unable to resist insulin normal effect on cells which is called as insulin resistance. A pre experimental study was conducted to see effectiveness of curry leaves in decreasing the blood glucose level among subjects with diabetes mellitus type 2. The objectives of study were; (1) To assess the blood glucose level among subjects with diabetes mellitus type 2. (2) To see the effectiveness of curry leaves in decreasing blood glucose level among subjects with diabetes mellitus type 2. (3) To find out the relationship between blood glucose level with selected demographic variables with quantitative approach and pre-experimental design was used for study. A study conducted on 30 samples using non probability purposive sampling technique to see the effect of curry leaves by using glucometer to record values and was found to highly reliable. Study concluded that after giving curry leaves empty stomach for 30 days to subjects the blood glucose level in post assessment is reduced when comparing with pre assessment of blood glucose level among subjects. The mean score of pre assessment is 150.66 and post assessment is 112.66, this shows that Hypothesis of study was proved and t value is 17.6 with df = 29 is statistically significant at 0.05 levels.


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