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The word stress was originally used by Selye. It is defined as an adoptive, responsive to an external situation that results in physical, psychological and behavioral deviation for organizational participants. Stress is the most common condition experienced by workers which occurs when their conflicts between workplace, workload and the individual’s ability to cope with the situation (AGOLLA, 2008). Problem resulting from stress includes -Decline in physical and mental health, Feeling of anxiety, irritability, Loss of appetite, Nervousness, Social withdrawal, Panic attack ,Insomnia, Migraine attack etc. Job stress has become a common term in today’s prevalence. Work stress was observed in majority (71%) among younger age group (18 – 30yr).Work related stress is a growing problem around the world that affects not only the health and well being of employees, but also the productivity of organizations. Conflict is recognized as being a common occurrence in both everyday personal and professional nursing life. A descriptive study was conducted to assess the level of stress among the staff nurses of government hospital, Fatehabad. Convenient sampling technique was used to select sample. The objectives of the study are :-(1) To find the factors contributing the stress among staff nurses. (2) To find the level of stress among staff nurses. (3)To find the association of stress level with selected demographic variables. The research tool consisted of following parts: Part–A:- Socio demographic variables; Part–B: - Structured questionnaire  to assess stress level. The study explored that the greater percentage (12%) of samples were in two age group of 26-30 yr and 31-35 whereas (6%) were in age group of 21-25yr and (0%) were in age group of 36 and above. Majority (16%) of samples were diploma and (13%) were degree holder and (0.1%) belongs to others sample reveals that about (22%) were from joint families and (0.7%) were from nuclear families and (01%) were extended families and (0%) from broken families .Majority (13%) of samples belongs to rural area and (12%) from urban (0.5%)from semi-urban area Greater percentage (12%) of samples were travel between 16-25kms from residence to workplace and (10%) were travel between more than 26kms and (04%) were travel between within 5kms and 6-15 km. Sample reveals about (13%) were 2 Children and (09%) were one Children and (07%) were not having Children and (01%)  were more than 2 Children. In test 1% had severe stress 10% had moderate stress and 19% had mild stress level experienced by staff nurses. There will be significant association between stress level and demographic variable (Age group, educational status, type of family, monthly income. It is evident that age group (0.085) educational status (0.042), type of family (0.0001), monthly income (0.033) level of significance is significant.


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